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Katy Krieg presents: What is the most important characteristic of color? Hue? Value? Chroma? In this class we will break light into its' major characteristicsand appy this to constructing a painting. Recognizing the shapes of shadows and the different kinds of light to create a more believable scene with a successful mood. Observe light in the landscape and make a plan! Is it an evening scene with long shadows? Is it a high key painting to describe summer at sunhigh noon? Do you need to lower chroma to describe soft diffused light in a foggy or overcast day? Concepts covered:

Strong Starts; How to Isolate and Compare Colors and Values; The Gray Gamut; Tuning Color; This Three Day Workshop will begin with a demo and student paint time. Class concludes with a sharing critique. Oil painting materials list provided.   There will be no refunds after August 29th unless there is a waiting list with someone available to take your place.  The workshop is held at the Cetronia Fire Company Social Haaf, 18 S. Scenic St., Cetronia, PA. from 9 - 4 pm each day 9/30 - 10/2/22. There will be a catered lunch available each day for a  self pay cost of about $13 with a variety of menu offerings prepared on site. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks are included.  

Light in the Landscape in Oil Katy Krieg

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