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Information about PAL Display Venues

If you want to display your work at a PAL venue, the club does provide insurance with a $500 deductible in the event of a catastrophe at the venue, You can email the display coordinator for the venue you desire to show your work at by clicking the button for the venues listed below. Don't worry about having a large number of paintings because multiple people can exhibit work at the same time. Work is usually on display for a period of two months. As of November 2022, the club will take a 10% * commission on all work sold at display venues offset the cost of insurance . (* Stony Run venue has a 20% commission with 15% going to the club and 5% to the venue). Fees associated with credit card transactions or website transactions will also be deducted from the amount collected by the buyer , affecting the amount reimbursed to the artist. Questions you have about these matters should be directed to the club's treasurer at 

You need  to send images of your artwork to Deb Haaf to include on our website gallery pages as soon as possible to allow for timely posting. We also ask you to complete gallery price tags for work at display venues. The coordinator for your venue can help with that. 

We encourage all our members to display their work ! 

Please use the buttons below each venue to contact Display Coordinator for the venue to schedule for 2024

Kalmbach Memorial Park (610) 965-1140
Address: 200 Cotton St., Macungie, PA
Hours: Barn Open during events & classes and by appointment by calling ahead or  emailing

Coordinator: Liz Kenny

Number of Paintings: 10 - 12

Art MUST be for Sale: No

Commission: 10%

Duration of Display : 2 months

Special Requirements: Multiple people can share display slot. Need images of your work and details about it emailed to Deb Haaf.

2024 schedule

February - Liz Kenny and Betty Allender 

March - April -Deb Haaf 

May - June - Valerie Schramak 

July - August -Glenn Kratzer

September - October-Linda Kreckel

November - December - Liz Kenny

Lower Macungie Library. (610) 966-6864
Address:3450 Brookside Rd., Macungie, PA
Hours: M & W 10-5; Tu & Th 10 - 6; Fri & Sat 10-3; Closed on Sunday

Coordinator: Vicki Fischer

Number of Paintings: 10 - 14

Art MUST be for Sale: No 

Commission: 10%

Duration of Display : 2 months

Special Requirements: Can hang First thing in the morning when the library opens on switch day or in the evening before closing time.. The library has requested an Artist bios with your photo that they will use to advertise you on their website.  Vicki requests that the artist bio needs be emailed to the coordinator ( Vicki Fischer) by the 15th of the month so that she can get it added to the library newsletter and prepare it to be hung with paintings. Also Vicki will need an inventory/price list for the library catalog/binder that is kept at the desk . Images of the work you plan to display along with information about the work, title, dimension, price and medium need to be emailed to Deb Haaf .

2024 schedule

January - February - Michelle Rieder

March - April - Glenn Kratzer

May - June - Sue Carnwath

July - August -Cathy Rhoades

September - October - Margie Kavchok

November - December - Jay Cohen

Luther Crest Retirement Community (610) 398-8011
Address: 800 Hausman Rd., Allentown, PA
Hours: Open 24 hours but you must have permission from the front desk if you are not a resident. Suggest 10-7 and recommend calling first.


Coordinator: Cathy Rhoades

Number of Paintings: 24

Art MUST be for Sale: No

Commission: 10%

Duration of Display : 2 months

Special Requirements: Can share display slot with multiple artists. Check in at front desk to view work and on hanging day. Need images of your work to be displayed and details about it to be emailed to Deb Haaf.

2024 schedule  


March - April - Judy Leichssenring and Betty Allender

May - June - 

July - August

September - October -

November - December -

Parkland Community Library
4422 Walbert Ave, Allentown, PA 18104
Hours: M - Th 9 am - 9 pm; Fri- 9 am - 6 pm; Sat- 9 am - 5 pm; Closed Sun.

Coordinator: Gloria Hasel

Number of Paintings: 10 - 15 depending on size

Art MUST be for Sale: No

Commission: 10%

Duration of Display : 2 months

Special Requirements: Contact Gloria Hasel using button below for specifics about hanging work at this library.  Need images of your work to be displayed and details about it to be emailed to Emory Smith.

2024 schedule  


April - June - Linda Kreckel

July -August-  

September - October -

November - December -

Stony Run Winery (610) 398-7231
Address: 150 Independent Rd.
Hours:   Sun 11a-6p;   M & Tu closed;   W & Th 2p-7p;   F & Sa - 12 p-8p

Coordinator: Marianne Knipe

Number of Paintings: 30

Art MUST be for Sale: Yes

Commission: 20% - 5% to Stony Run, 15% PAL to defray cost of insurance 

Duration of Display : 2 months

Special Requirements:Switch Day will be provided to you; artist bios in red book along with catalog. Size restriction and work priced below $1,000. Can share display slot with another artist. Artist bios in red book for viewing . Need images of work and details about it emailed to Deb Haaf.  Here is a all the current info on Stony Run for you :

2024 schedule


March - April - Valerie Schramak, Gloria Hasal

May - June - Jill Stanley,  Rita Richetti, 


September - October - 3 open Slots

November - December - 3 open Slots


Parkland Art

Coordinator: Emory Smith 

Number of Paintings: Work that was on display at PAL venues is moved to the Art Gallery. Work will be removed at the end of the calendar year or at artist's request. 

Art MUST be for Sale: No 

Commission: Currently 10% to defray cost of website

Duration of Display : Indefinite

Special Requirements: Need images of artwork only without frame or mat, dimensions, medium, and price emailed to Emory Smith

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