Information about the Stony Run Venue for Members interested in exhibiting their work at this venue in a show or monthly display event. 

Current as of 9/3/21

1. All work must be for sale.

2. All work must be priced at less than $1000

3. All artists that display are required to assist with hanging their work on the assigned day or finding a substitute or otherwise clearing with Valerie Schramak.
The only exception is an all member show when volunteers are requested for those events, we do ask that you consider volunteering for these events.

4. All artists are required to pick up their work at the designated time and day or find a substitute. there is no storage on site.

5. Work sold at the venue will entail a 20% commission. 5% to the venue and 15% to Parkland art league. This offsets costs incurred to have work insured at the venue in the event of a catasrophe. There is a $500 deductible so you are accepting that amount of risk for your work and are advised to speak to your own agent regarding coverage for your work.

6. If your work is sold, you will be notified by Valerie Schramak (or directly by the buyer) and provided with contact information for the buyer. You should advise the buyer to pay for the painting through our PayPal account or by check payable to "The Parkland Art League".The check can be hand delivered or mailed to Valerie Schramak, (Treasurer PAL) at  8420 Knoll St., Fogelsville, PA 18051. when payment is received, Valerie will notify you to contact the buyer to pick up the painting. ****You must meet the buyer at the Stony run winery and remove the painting from the wall to the buyer's hand. You must also provide a replacement painting to fill the vacant space. In the event that you do not have another painting, you must notify Marianne Knipe OR Valerie Schramak to assure that the space will be filled before the painting is removed. If shipping the work is required, it is the artist selling the work's responsibility to determine shipping costs and costs incurred to prepare the work to be shipped without damage and to get payment for this from the buyer prior to shipping. The Club will accept the payment through our PayPal account if that is more convenient however, in regards to both the sale of the painting and shipping - pay pal fees will be deducted from the amount issued to the artist. Obviously there are no processing fees with a check.  The artist is solely responsible for reporting income on works sold on their own income taxes.


-   17.05    Commission Stony Run
-   52.50   commission PAL
-   10.50    PayPal processing fee
$269.95     Payment to artist

7. payment for Sales should be directed 
through the club's PayPal account which is "" Or a check should be made out to "Parkland Art League" and mailed/delivered to the Treasurer.  

8. There will be an online catalogue of all work shown at this venue. In the event a patron at the winery was there in the past and would like to purchase a work previously on display. They can look for the image online and View the artist's contact info on catalog forms. Sales in this instance will be handled by the individual member. 

9. In order to exhibit you should have 10 paintings available to show. They must be framed with wire and hooks, clean and appealing to a potential buyer. Images of your work should be emailed to Marianne 
Knipe who will review the images and contact you for a spot on the schedule.  

10. Minimum size of paintings 9 x 12,Maximum size of Paintings 24 x 36 - not including frame.



Contact Information for Stony Run Crew

Valerie Schramak, Treasurer    610 573-4413
Marianne Knipe, Vice President 610 442-8097
Deb Haaf, President                    610 533-5345
Jim Roth, Hanging Crew              610 967-4916