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Coming this March, Ilene Rubin


Ilene Rubin is an artist in all sense of the word, whether it be painting or writing.  Her great joy is "when someone looks at my paintings all together in an arrangement on the wall, and then looks at me differently. That's a wonderful moment and I never tire of it".  Ilene works in all mediums which have been shown throughout Lehigh and Bucks county as well as in Boulder CO.  

Ilene Rubin has been involved in art in some capacity since she was a young child. She won her first drawing award at the age of 9. She has painted murals, boots, purses, a line of women's and children’s clothing, furniture, walls and even a radiator and closet doors with motifs that range from folk art designs to landscapes. She is still painting ‘stuff’ but spends most of her time now painting the landscape.  For Ms. Rubin, it’s a mesmerizing vista that captures her imagination, the dance of shadow and the bold and unabashed explosion of autumn color that makes her canvases sing.

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