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Parkland Art League Member Consignment sheet for work posted on

Art Consignment Agreement for Parkland Art League On-Line Gallery

Name:    ___________________________________ Phone: _______________________  


Address:  _________________________________ Email: ________________________

The above named parties hereby enter into the following Agreement: 

1.Consignment. The Artist hereby consigns to the Parkland Art League and the Parkland Art League  accepts on consignment for display in their online gallery, those Artworks listed on the inventory sheet provided by the Artist and attached hereto. 

2. Warranty. The Artist hereby warrants that he/she created and possesses unencumbered title to the Artworks and that their descriptions are true and accurate. 

3. Duration of Consignment. The Artist and the PAL agree that the term of consignment for the Artworks is to be for the duration of the Artists membership in the PAL or may be terminated by either party upon request.         

4. Display. All works submitted for display on the website shall be noted with the following information – Medium, artwork dimensions and if framed or unframed.  If framed, also note frame size and if matted.  Work displayed on the website is NOT required to be for sale.  The Artist can report the work is not for sale (NFS). 

5. Online Sales.  Sales will be conducted through the website website via PayPal or Wix for payment processing.  The Artist will be notified when an Artwork is sold and will be advised to determine shipping costs. . The Artist must contact the buyer within 7 days to arrange for delivery of the Artwork.  If the Artwork is to be shipped , Artist will notify  Parkland Art League Treasurer with the amount and Treasurer will email an invoice for that amount to the purchaser via paypal for shipping fees.  When the invoice is paid the Treasurer will notify the Artist to mail Artwork. 

6. Customer Satisfaction. The Parkland Art League will follow up by contacting the Buyer to ensure satisfaction with the sale. Disputes or concerns of the purchaser will be the Artists’ responsibility to resolve.

7. Pricing; Commission; Terms of Payment. The Parkland Art League shall sell the Artwork only at the Retail Price specified by the Artist, which shall include the Gallery’s commission of 10%. Payment to the Artist shall be made by the 15th day of the month following the month of sale and will be the sales price minus 10% Gallery Commission, minus credit card processing fees

approximately 2.9% plus .30 per transaction. An additional credit card processing fee will apply to all invoices for shipping artwork. No sales tax will be collected from the purchaser and it is the Artist’s responsibility to report sales on their individual tax returns.  

8. Transportation Responsibilities. Artist is responsible for packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of the Artworks from the Artist to the buyer. 

9.. Fiduciary Responsibilities. Ownership of Artworks remains with the Artist until Parkland Art League has been paid the full amount owing him or her for the Artworks; title then passes directly to the purchaser. The Parkland Art League shall pay all amounts due the Artist before any sale proceeds are made available to creditors of the Gallery. 

10. Promotion. The Parkland Art League agrees to provide adequate display of the Artworks in the Online Gallery. The Parkland ArtLeague shall identify clearly all Artworks with the Artist’s name, email address, website address and phone number to the purchaser of an Artwork.  

11. Termination of Agreement. The Agreement may be terminated at any time by either the Parkland Art League or the Artist by means of written notification of termination from either party to the other. In the event of the Artist’s death, the Artwork  shall be removed from the Parkland Art League Online Gallery and  the Agreement will be terminated.  All accounts shall be settled within 30 days.

12. Choice of Law. This Agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of PA. 

13. A copy of this agreement must be on file with PAL before Artworks are displayed. This only needs to be filed once unless changes to this agreement are made including uploading new artwork.

14. Artwork submitted for inclusion in Gallery and Product Pages shall be listed on this document. Images and completed forms should be emailed to the Secretary at for inclusion on the Parkland Art League website. A maximum of two images per member are permitted at this time due to limitations on website space allocation. The number may be revised upward in the future based on website traffic.

Title of Artwork                            Medium                 Dimensions      Framed?       Price

_________________________     ____________   ___________  _________  __________

Title of Artwork                           Medium                  Dimensions      Framed?       Price

_________________________     ____________   ___________  _________  __________

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